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Deluxe Terrycloth Spa Wrap

Starting at: $49.00

Create the most luxurious and thoughtful gift for a friend, loved one or even yourself by choosing a custom terrycloth wrap by Wrapped in a Cloud!

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A custom wrap is the ideal thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one! Use it to show them how much you care about their comfort. Design the perfect Deluxe Terrycloth Spa Wrap from top to bottom by choosing the color and customization that will be suit the recipient — you can add just about any personalization you would like, such as a monogram, single letter, full name, nickname, date or even a logo or graphic. All of the customization options available from Wrapped in a Cloud will help you create a Deluxe Terrycloth Spa Wrap that’s as unique as the person who will wear it!

Need a bit more comfort in your life? We bet you do! Why not treat yourself to a little dose of everyday luxury with a custom wrap of your very own. We offer our terrycloth wraps to ensure that you’re relaxed every time you slip into your stylish, custom wrap!

Our Personalized Deluxe Terrycloth Spa Wrap is made with high-quality, ultra plush fibers and lightweight-yet-water-absorbent terrycloth cotton lining that keep the heat in, so you always feel warm and cozy when getting ready, whether it’s before bed or for a night out on the town!

With three lettering styles and 22 different thread color options to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild as you decide how to best customize your wrap. With that personal touch, you’ll feel like royalty while doing your hair, make-up or lounging around. Want to see all of your customization options side-by-side before you pick which ones you want? Use our convenient Customization Guide to help make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Giving one of these custom bathwraps as a gift? Select our professional gift-wrapping service to give your thoughtful gesture that extra-special touch without any additional effort on your part.